Computer Science Alumni Council

Founded in 2006, the NIU Computer Science Alumni Council (CSAC) is the official affinity group for graduates, faculty, and friends of the NIU Department of Computer Science and all NIU alumni in the information technology field.

The CSAC has four groups of constituents it seeks to serve, each with its own distinct goals/mission:

•  Alumni: Serve as a vehicle to create and reinforce strong relationships and networking between NIU Computer Science alumni.

•  University: Provide guidance and support to NIU and the Department of Computer Science on matters such as direction, curriculum, and industry knowledge and alumni experience.

•  Students: Assist students and recent graduates with a successful transition into the workplace and ongoing career networking.

•  Industry: Contribute to the good of the greater information technology industry, as well as encourage qualified students to consider pursuing a career in computer science at NIU.

Events and Programs:

The CSAC has co-sponsored events such as IT-related networking, job seeker workshops, professional lectures, wine tastings, Cubs baseball games, golf outings, tents at Homecoming, student mentoring, a scholarship, and holiday parties.
You can stay informed about the CSAC by joining the NIU CSAC LinkedIn Group.


Membership in CSAC is free of charge.  We do however encourage all of our participants to become a member of the NIU AA at either the "Cardinal & Black" or the "Legacy" level.  More information can be found at:
Join CSAC by logging into your alumni account; in your personal profile, click "Affinity Group Information," then "Edit," and select the Computer Science Alumni Council. Members are also encouraged to join the LinkedIn Group.

If you would like to give something back to your alma mater, participating in the CSAC is a great way to do so. Contact Michael LaBrot (B.G.S. 1990, M.S. 1993), president of the CSAC, at 630-673-2867 or at for more information on opportunities to become actively involved in CSAC.